Vendor APPLICATION 2016-2017
January 4th thru December 22nd

Farmers: Please attach copy of Producers Certificate from your state, general labiality and all commercial vehicles must have Commercial liability policy as listed below.

Today’s Date:


Business Name:


Contact Person(s):


Business Address:




Business Number:


Cellular Number:


Home Number:


Email Address:


Proposed start date:


Please select which market you would like to attend:

_____ Thursday Weekly at Gardens Park $35.00
four week minimum

_____ Wednesday Weekly at Bruce Trent Park $35.00 four week minimum

_____ Saturdays FIRST and THIRD at Floyd Lamb Park in Tule Springs $35.00 four week minimum

Please read:
You must make it, bake it, grow it, or sew it.


Product or Service Description: Fine Art, Select Craft, All Media, Music. (Subject to approval of Market) ALL Artwork must be original and personally executed by t[he artist or culinarians of record. Exhibition in previous shows does not guarantee acceptance. No purchased retail items, commercially produced kits, molds, or imports. No representatives. Pottery work must be hand thrown or hand built. Limited edition prints must be signed by the artist and numbered. All work will be juried. To participate we would like artist to create new work in any medium. All work must be suitable for family audiences.  Culinarians bring sample of your food to any market with menu, application and check. You must make it, bake it, grow it, or sew it.

Category of Art: Description of Medium example: pottery, oil paintings, photography etc.  Photos or samples may be submitted to manager for jury process.          


Price Range of your products $ ________ to $___________

Do you use a canopy: Yes____ / No_____ space size 10X10 Standard? Other________


            Proposed Start Date_____________________________________

PLEASE SIGN and submit with CHECK and samples to proceed.


STOP HERE! Submit application to manager!
If you currently have the other items on list you may attach if not, do not spend money until accepted.

Once accepted, you will receive documents from manager to complete application process.  Once accepted to the market there will be no refunds.  You must attend the dates you register for, a four week minimum.

Step TWO

A Farmer
MUST Have Certified Producer Certificate from State of origin or Letter from Agriculture Department, if it is not a certifiable state.

Insurance certificate General Liability Policy; naming “Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC ® its Managers, Members employees , sponsors and volunteers” as additional insured, and on separate accord sheet.

All others must have:

Nevada Sales Tax ID Number: _________________________________ or attach copy of applied for receipt.

Nevada State License #_________________________________________________________________________

City of Las Vegas Business license is required for Bruce Trent Park and Floyd Lamb Park are (Site Specific) Cost $50.00 each plus original application fee. Good for one year.
Las Vegas Farmers Market ® Named as additional insured. General Liability Insurance, and City of Las Vegas, its Officers, Employees, and Agents.

Health Permit SNHD (Food and Culinarians or farmer sampling cut produce) health card.

Insurance certificate General Liability

Health card for each food handler.

Non-profits must attach and show proof of 501 C documents.

Date we will begin attending market:____________________through_____________________________or,

Or one year from start date.

Requested size and number of space(s) needed: _____ 10 x 10 standard ________10 x 20 add $35 Total number of booths: _________

Artist or Culinarians Contract

APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT PAYMENT, PHOTOS OF WORK AND SIGNED AGREEMENT. Each canopy MUST BE secured for wind. Artists or culinarians must provide the proper amount and type of weights or may not proceed with set-up. NO STAKES can be driven into grass or any surface. No food or drinks may be sold or distributed by any other than designated food vendors and/or culinary artists or culinarians. All artists or culinarians must obtain Nevada State License, Nevada Sales Tax ID Number prior to participation and provide to market manager. Please include on application. (Apply at 500 W. Washington, Las Vegas, NV. Located across from Cashman Field) Go to Nevada Dept. of Taxation or State of Nevada website for application. IF SAID ART IS OTHER THAN ORIGINALLY PRESENTED IN ENTRY FORM, NOT ORIGINAL OR NOT PRODUCED BY SAID ARTIST OR CULINARIANS, OR UNACCEPTABLE BY EVALUATORS, THE Las Vegas Farmers Market® RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISMISS SAID DISPLAY. All applicants upon signing and submission of this official entry form consent to be bound by these policies and will abide by them throughout the Market period.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Guidelines and Expectations for the Las Vegas Farmers Market® and agree to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Market and exclusion from further events.

Hold harmless agreement
to be signed by the vendor who agrees to hold the market, market sponsors, and those involved harmless from and against any damages, loss, liability, claims, suits, costs, and expenses from any activity that takes place at the market. Applicant understands they will provide market manager with copy of their own General liability insurance for their business or booth which names the Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC as additional insured and certificate holder with 30 days’ notice of cancellation. _________________ (initials).

Applicant(s): Signature ________________________________Date_____________

license, health permit if applicable.

Mail To: Las Vegas Farmers Market®
3774 Horseshoe Mesa St
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Phone: 725-333-LVFM
Fax:  725-333-5836
must call before faxing

Check to include:  

$50.00 (non-refundable) APPLICATION FEE * we do not accept your money if you are not accepted.

$35.00 times four weeks, EACH MARKET you wish to attend. Garden Park, Bruce Trent Park or Floyd Lamb Park

Total four week minimum plus application fee. Non refundable

Quarterly semiannual or annual payments will also be accepted. **Please make check payable to Las Vegas Farmers Market® LLC and note which month(s) you are applying for.

Vendor Guidelines

All vendors are subject to approval. Eligible vendors are businesses and nonprofit organizations that support our mission and philosophy. You must make it, bake it, grow it, or sew it. 

Only one booth per organization will be permitted. There may be several companies represented with similar product lines or services, no exclusives will be granted. Vendors may display only the approved product/service(s) described in your registration application. Additional Items must be approved prior to bringing it to market.

Vendors are responsible for their own booth, tables, table covering and supplies. Liability insurance is required. The Las Vegas Farmers Market® LLC and /or co-sponsors shall not be held liable for any damage to art work or displays.

This contract is between one vendor and Las Vegas Farmers Market®LLC.

You may choose to have additional help at your booth at your own expense.

Once the Market has filled all of the vendor spaces, you will be placed on a vendor waiting list. When a space becomes available, we will contact those on the waiting list.

Professional conduct and appearances expected at all times. All sales are to be conducted within your booth space.

Vendors must setup booth displays between 12:00 p.m. and 1:45 p.m. and breakdown between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Cleaning: If your area is not cleaned you will be assed a $20.00 fee per incident and possible exclusion from market.

Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC ® reserves the right to refuse participation to vendors who have not arrived or completed set up by 15 minutes prior. This contract may be terminated for any reason by market Manager. Loud or disruptive behavior may terminate your contract no refunds will be granted.

During the Las Vegas Farmers Market ®LLC, promotion of upcoming events that are not sponsored by Las Vegas Farmers Market ® LLC must be approved. No dissemination of fliers or other materials unless pre-approved by manager.

If you are unable to attend; you may send someone to operate your booth. No more than two times missed will be tolerated unless approved by manager. We operate a weekly market, please be consistent with respect to attendance.

Vendors are not permitted to park in front their space, is reserved for the public only. Parking in a designated lot will be available for vendors. Please off load, your Items move your vehicle, and then set up.

Applicant is aware he/she is responsible for obtaining own General liability policy. I agree to have

Las Vegas Farmers Market added as additional insured prior to first entry date. _____________. (Initials).

Co- Sponsor is the City of Las Vegas (BRUCE TRENT PARK and FLOYD LAMB PARK LOCATIONS)

Or The Summerlin Council. (GARDENS PARK Location)

Your Company,____________________________, its successors and assigns, hereby agrees to save and hold harmless the Las Vegas Farmers Market, its sponsors, any of its employee from all cost, injury and damage incurred by any of the above, and from any other injury or damage to any person or property whatsoever, any of which is caused by an activity, condition or event arising out of the performance, preparation for performance or non-performance of any provision of this agreement by (your NAME)___________________________The above cost, injury, damage or other injury or damage incurred by or to any of the above shall include, in the event of an action, court costs, expenses of litigation and reasonable attorneys’ fees. This hold harmless clause is not intended indemnify against any cost or damage, or portion thereof.

Sponsorship & Advertising The Las Vegas Farmers Market® LLC is a FREE event for the community by the community; all promotional work is to be handled by the Market Managers unless approved by same.

If additional advertising is needed by individual vendors, then all fees are to be handled by such vendors that choose to do such. Please get approval from Market Managers as to the proper use of trademarks ® prior to any printing.

The restrictions contained in this section are necessary for the protection of business and goodwill of the corporation and are considered by Applicant to be reasonable for such purpose. Applicant agrees that any breach if this section will cause the corporation substantial and irrevocable damage and therefore in the event of any such breach, in addition to such other remedies which may be available, the corporation shall have the right to seek specific performance and injunctive relief.

Agreement shall not be construed as subsequently waiving any terms and conditions, the same shall continue and remain in full force and as if no such forbearance or waiver had occurred.
Sponsorship opportunities available

Start date_______________________termination date __________________________or, one year from Start date.

Renewal may occur annually at manager’s discretion and mutual agreement.

First renewal__________________________ Date_____________________________.

Applicant_____________________________________________________ Las Vegas Farmers Market ®________________________

Second renewal________________________Date_____________________________.

Applicant______________________________Las Vegas Farmers Market®________________________

Applicant agrees upon signing and submission to be bound by these policies, rules, and procedures and will abide by them.

Applicant further agrees and understands that they will not be allowed to operate at any other market or location within five miles of any of our existing locations without specific permission and written release of market manager, during operational term, and for a period of one year after written and agreed termination date, due to conflict of interest, from Las Vegas Farmers Market.

Applicants signature will hereby release and hold harmless all associates of Las Vegas Farmers Market ® LLC and its sponsoring organizations beneficiaries and all employees volunteers or associates of above from any and all responsibility, personal liability claims, including but not limited to theft, personal injury, public enemy, acts of god or other unforeseen circumstances beyond its control and to indemnify them for any damage arising from applicants' or associates, guests participation in any of the Las Vegas Farmers Market LLC ® Events. Applicant agrees to keep in force a general liability policy and to notify Las Vegas Farmers Market ® LLC of any changes to insurance policies, residence, licensing and other relevant information. Vendor agrees to read, abide by and keep updated of policy procedures, rule and regulation changes on web site.

Registration Fee $50.00
Daily Booth Fee $35.00

Each market requires four week minimum, and is billed at the beginning of the month. Thirty Day notice required to exit or you will be billed for the entire month.

*Additional Las Vegas Farmers Market proprietary document pages may be added for participation in EBT, SNAP, WIC or Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs.

I wish to participate in one or all of these Programs.

YES_____ NO______ If Yes, ask for Participation documents.

W-9 required for EBT

Registration Fee
Booth Fee

If you do not understand any of this application, please seek competent legal advice before signing.
Copyright © 2003 Las Vegas Farmers' Market LLC ®. All rights reserved, trademarked.
Revised: 10/18/2012



Copyright © 2003 Las Vegas Farmers' Market. All rights reserved.
Revised: 02/05/17

Thank you for your participation.